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Maintenance & Repairs

Roof and gutter systems require regular maintenance and repair to remain in good condition. Extreme weather and changing seasons can compromise a roof or gutter. If left untended, the result can be an inconvenience and may even result in costly damage to your home.


Our repair technicians can provide inspection and diagnostic services, discovering problems while they are small and easily repaired. Preventative maintenance is one of the best investments you can make in extending the service life of your roof and gutter.

Gutter and Roof Cleaning

Leaves, branches, and other organic material left on the roof and in the gutter will begin to decompose and can cause damage. Keeping the roof and gutter free of debris is an essential component of our roof maintenance recommendation.

Flashing Repair

The most vulnerable area in a roofing system is at the point a chimney, pipe, vent, or skylight penetrates the roofing surface. The degrading effects of the sun and moisture can lead to water penetrating the roof and damaging the interior of your home. When necessary, we can repair and/or replace the flashing in these areas.

Storm Damage and Emergency Service

High wind and falling branches can damage a roof. We will replace missing and damaged shingles on your roof. When large portions of the roof have been damaged, we can provide emergency services to protect your home from further damage until a permanent repair can be formed.

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